Pranathi Voora

Secretary General 


The boss who works for her employees

Shaivi Darsi

Director General 

SMISMUN's very own aunty

Pradyumna J


The "stylish " star

Aryaman Marathe


The living meme

Saaketh Vithala 

USG Policy 

The rude customer service guy 

Anvitha Kadiyam

USG Policy

The princess with attitude problems

Anay Srivastava 

USG Marketing 

That other brown guy

Atharv Reddy

USG Marketing 

The thesaurus no one ever asked for

Shanmukhi Nandiraju

USG Design

The friendly bartender whos gonna spit in ur drink.

Gaurika Mohan 

USG Finance

Always busy doing nothing

Renesh Ramineni 

USG Design

He brightens the room; when he leaves

Ria Agarwal

USG Finance

The silent killer