Welcome! Sancta Maria International School invites you to our second Model United Nations virtual conference, SMIS MUN.

At our school, it is all about unlocking and exhibiting your aptitude to achieve greatness. SMIS MUN is a door waiting to be opened, waiting to present you with the opportunity to broaden your horizons and make your voice heard.


Model United Nations is a conceptual simulation of the United Nations. These conferences aid in educating students about international affairs and diplomacy in addition to the overall clockwork of the United Nation organization agencies and how they tackle global matters.


Whether you desire to enhance your abilities and further expand your skillset or give yourself a chance to discover your inner potential, SMISMUN is an opportunity waiting to be seized by you!

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Whether you desire to enhance your abilities and further expand your skillset or give yourself a chance to discover your inner potential, SMISMUN is an opportunity waiting to be seized by you! 

No matter which role you espouse for the SMISMUN conference, you will walk away from this experience with an abundance of joyous memories and a broader global perspective.​

Dear delegates, press, executive board, and stakeholders of SMISMUN2021, 


I am enthralled to invite you to Sancta Maria’s second edition of MUN. Going international once again this year from the 29-31st of August, we are extremely excited to host this conference.


The United Nations was created with the intent of tackling world issues and fostering peace through cooperation and communication. MUN emulates negotiation, diplomacy, and discussion, which is the key to unlocking the potential of today’s delegates and tomorrow’s leaders. SMISMUN, like all international MUN conferences, has the unique ability to consolidate students from different cultural backgrounds to collaborate towards a unified goal. 


It would be incredible to watch the voices of young people gain prominence and recognition worldwide – most noticeably through their ability to mobilize online, but also through the acts of individuals and small groups all over the world.


Ours is the most connected generation that has ever lived. This offers fantastic opportunities for engagement and empowerment, as information is accessed, used, created and shared to build the knowledge society. With diverse committees and agendas, we endeavour to bring you a platform to showcase this generation’s abilities.


I see MUN as a pathway to the future, and as an opportunity for students from all over the world to come together and build essential skills and everlasting relationships. With SMISMUN 2021, we provide you the opportunity to step away from your mundane routine and try something new, and perhaps change your life. Our passionate secretariat will ensure that our delegates and international press members are well equipped with adequate resources, training, and guidance from our hand-picked executive board to ensure a smooth, qualitative conference. Along with the heated conference, our secretariat has slated numerous high spirited events across the 3 days to keep a balance, and to allow our delegates to catch a much needed breath of fresh air from the high intensity sessions. 


On behalf of the SMISMUN 2021 Secretariat, I wish you a delightful and charged conference. 


Pranathi Voora

Secretary General

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